Obscure relics from cinema’s history, collected for one more reprise. Presenting the best available versions of long-forgotten film classics in quality productions, manufactured on demand in Melbourne, Australia.

One More Reprise works to source and restore films and television series which have fallen out of circulation, and to give them the high quality presentation they deserve.  We aim to rescue films from obscurity and ensure they will be worthy of sitting alongside major studio productions in film enthusiasts’ collections.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Orders are dispatched within 24 hours using Australia Post standard shipping, and should arrive within their stated delivery times. There is no additional cost for postage and shipping.
Orders can only be sent to Australian addresses at this time.
One More Reprise keeps a growing database of films awaiting your order. Within 24 hours of placing your order, your movies will be burned to high quality DVD-R discs, printed and packed into glossy cases, ready to be sent.
Unless otherwise stated, all products sold are region free, PAL format. This means that they should work in all Australian DVD players. Please contact us should you experience compatibility problems when playing a disc.
Before being listed for sale, all films, series and serials are carefully converted to digital formats to ensure they are of the highest possible quality, despite the age of the original content. In most cases, several copies of the material have been sourced, and the best elements of each retained and matched to give the most complete version available. Note that whilst every care is given to the main feature, additional content on discs, including trailers and bonus features, may not have been restored as thoroughly and appear as lower quality.
All titles are currently available on DVD. A Blu-Ray release of our catalogue of film serials is being worked on for release soon. At this stage, all films are being sold as physical items and cannot be downloaded or streamed.


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