The Green Hornet Strikes Again!


Directed by Ford Beebe and John Rawlins
Starring Warren Hull, Keye Luke and Anne Nagel

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The Green Hornet Strikes Again!

DVD Serial

“Green Hornet Strikes Again! Police have refused to comment on reports that the seal of the Green Hornet was discovered during investigations into the disaster aboard the SS Paradise upon its return cruise from Hawaii. The force have also remained tight-lipped on speculation surrounding the Green Hornet’s involvement in the increased pressure facing legitimate business from the criminal syndicates.”
When the grip of the underworld tightens around almost every industry in the city, the Green Hornet strikes again! Continuing his dual crusade against crime, Britt Reid prints newspaper exposes by day, and tackles the syndicates head-on by night as the Green Hornet. With his faithful and skilled assistant Kato, Britt returns to investigate the greatest threat the city has ever seen.


These DVDs are manufactured locally on demand with your order, and come new but not sealed.  The discs are produced for International Region 0 in PAL format.  The main serial feature has been restored.  The following features are included:
 – All 15 serial episodes
 – Radio serial episodes
– Vigilante Heritage – The Green Hornet and the Lone Ranger
 – The Kato Chronicle – Kato’s history from radio to screen and beyond

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Mild violence


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