Directed by Thorold Dickinson
Starring Diana Wynyard, Anton Walbrook, Frank Pettingell and Cathleen Cordell

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In Victorian London, 12 Pimlico Square has sat vacant following the murder of its owner, Alice Barlow, with the culprit still on the run from police.

Decades later, newlyweds Bella and Paul – Barlow’s nephew – are starting their married life at the old address. Not long after moving in, Bella starts to question her sanity, hearing inexplicable sounds from the disused levels of the house and misplacing and forgetting things. Paul’s façade as supportive husband barely hides his open flirtations with other women and disdain for his new wife.

Meanwhile, the retired detective who headed the Barlow murder case takes an interest in the new occupants of 12 Pimilco Square and reopens his old unsolved case. Based on Patrick Hamilton’s play, which inspired the term ‘gaslighting.’

This DVD is manufactured locally on demand with your order, and come new but not sealed.  The discs are produced for International Region 0 in PAL format.  The main feature has been restored.  The following features are included:
  • Radio drama starring Ingrid Bergman and Charles Boyer
  • Radio drama starring Charles Boyer and Susan Hayward


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