Dick Tracy – Original Feature Film Collection


Directed by William A. Berke, Gordon M. Douglas, James Anderson and John Rawlins
Starring Ralph Byrd, Morgan Conway, Boris Karloff, Anne Jeffreys, Ian Keith and Lyle Latell.

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Dick Tracy

Original Feature Film Collection – DVD set

Calling Dick Tracy… to the scenes of four classic crimes!
By the 1940s, Dick Tracy had graced comic strips, books, radio programmes, film serials, toy, and was ready to make the leap to feature films. Starring a cast of both familiar and original characters, this tetralogy blends film noir tradition with comic book flair. 
A string of murders with the same M.O., but no obvious link between victims. A shipment of stolen diamonds. An apparently impossible bank heist. Suspected insurance fraud leading to corpses. Just some of the scenes of Dick Tracy’s original cinematic investigations. Featuring dramatic shoot-outs, thrilling car chases, and shadowy intrigue, all mirroring the style set by creator Chester Gould.
Morgan Conway and Ralph Byrd star as the iconic detective in four films featuring Boris Karloff, Anne Jeffreys, Ian Keith and Lyle Latell.
These DVDs are manufactured locally on demand with your order, and come new but not sealed.  The discs are produced for International Region 0 in PAL format.  The main serial feature has been restored.  The following features are included:
– Four original films: Dick Tracy, Dick Tracy vs Cueball, Dick Tracy’s Dilemma, Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome
Command Performance: Dick Tracy in B Flat – Radio broadcast recording
Tess Disappears: Radio recording audition tape
Dick Tracy: 1937 film serial, edited to feature length film
– Tracy’s Screen History: Details of all of Dick Tracy’s screen appearances

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